I Have Nothing to Say

Anyone who knows me knows I can talk about everything forever.

Whether it is some random inspirational speech I randomly decide to give on Facebook, or I crack wise on Twitter with 140 characters that not one person understands, or I sit across from friends and share a beer and a story and I catch myself going on about the most uninteresting thing, I can talk.

Which is funny, because more often than not, I have absolutely nothing to say.

I often catch myself thinking about everything. What the people across from me are thinking. What the anonymous group across the room thought when I walked by and accidentally caught the eye of two people in their group. If my dog is hungry. If someone has ever said “thanks, Obama!” and truly meant it. Is James Roberts not the finest Transformers fiction author ever created? And my brain runs around in a marathon of random topics that, when it finally gets to my mouth, it is just too damn tired to do anything with.

Then my mouth goes on automatic, talks about whatever the person across from me may be interested in. And my brain goes back to thinking about my dog.

So, what the hell am I going to do with this website-slash-blog-slash-additional unnecessary internet mouthpiece? 

Well, my brain likes Transformers, so probably some of that. My brain also likes comic books, so we might be talking about some more of that. My brain likes politics, helping people through rough patches, and sharing experiences about my life that might just make you want to laugh at me, so let’s do some of that, too.

Oh, and fair warning: I am black, which probably means you should shoot your computer when I start writing my blog suspiciously. You never can be too sure.

Ultimately, I’ll probably find more of nothing to say.

Hopefully we will find something interesting in all of this nothing to talk about.


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