The AXIS of Evil and Good: Marvel Details Their Fall 2014 Event

The second act of Original Sin has not even begun yet, and Marvel is already beginning their push for their next big comic book event.

AXIS, a nine-issue comic book event series running October through December, tells the story of the Red Skull obtaining the mighty power of Onslaught. Cue the Avengers and the X-Men, now on friendly terms after 2012’s Avengers Vs. X-Men event, joining forces to stop the bad guy and go home victorious.

But even “high-fives and hugs and cuddles”, as Rick Remender (AXIS‘ writer) deftly defines the heroes’ current relationship in a USA Today interview published today, will not be enough when they wage battle to destroy the evil forces of the RedSlaughtiSkull. “[AXIS] is a nice cathartic chapter in the history of the Avengers and X-Men at the worst moment in their lives”, says Remender, “The Skull is really all about grinding other people under his boot heel.”1402626026000-Axis1-RedSkull

With Spring 2015’s Time Runs Out event, which is rumored to reboot Marvel continuity, overshadowing all things 616 through next year, it will be interesting to see how the effects of AXIS change the Marvel Universe, per Remender, in a “lasting and natural and additive” way.

AXIS, a nine-part Marvel Comics event, debuts October 2014.




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